Jenn-Air in-cabinet coffee maker system in a modern kitchen

Jenn-Air's Built-In Coffee System

Coffee, Elevated to the Highest Standard
Jenn-Air Coffee System
  • Coffee/Espresso / Cappuccino Option
  • Frothing System with Integrated Milk Container
  • 13-Level Conical Whole-Bean Coffee Grinder
  • Serving Size Customization
  • Touch-Activated Control Panel
  • Multi-Lingual LCD Display
  • 1-Litre Water Reservoir
  • Flush-to-Cabinet Installation Options

Discover Jenn-Air's built-in coffee system offering the ability to customize coffee, espresso and cappuccino completely to your preferences. Jenn-Air's new built-in coffee system does it all - from storing coffee beans, to grinding the beans before brewing, to discarding the coffee-grounds puck into the grounds compartment - letting you enjoy barista-style coffee drinks with ease. You'll find details like 13 levels for grinding beans, control over the strength and size of each serving as well as effortless cleaning. Now you can enjoy barista-style coffee - with or without a shot or two of espresso - right at home. Whether for yourself or your guests, you can brew robust coffees and incredible cappuccinos or lattes on demand, refined to anyone's taste.
Signature Features:
  • Optimum Design for barista-style espressos includes an ideal 11.7 BARs of consistent brewing pressure, dual dispensing spouts for one- or two-cup brewing, and an integrated 13-level whole-bean coffee grinder.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning are provided by automatic grinding, brewing and frothing, as well as a removable brewing unit and a one-button clean for the frothing system.
  • Customizable Size, Strength and Temperature Settings enable coffee drinks to be brewed to the exact tastes and preferences of any coffee connoisseur.
  • Frothing System with Integrated Milk Container provides the ability to brew coffeehouse-style drinks, enabling the choice of light froth for lattes or thicker froth for cappuccinos