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How to improve water heater efficiency with a tank booster

Heather Mahr, a Ferguson author

by Heather Mahr


A smart way to grow your professional plumbing business is to provide your customers with money-saving solutions. One relatively simple and effective way to do this for customers is offering to install a tank booster or tempering valve on their existing tank water heater. Whether gas or electric, a water heater booster helps to improve overall water heater efficiency in addition to providing a variety of other benefits. Depending on the manufacturer, tank boosters can even increase tank capacity by over 150%. Learn all the ways that installing a tank booster will help your customers and boost your plumbing business.

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Benefits of installing a tank booster

  1. They allow less hot water to be used.
    Tank boosters work by mixing cold water from the input valve with the heated water that comes out of the hot water valve. This allows the water heater to store water at a higher temperature. With a tank booster, the water heater temperature can be set to 140 F but will come out at 120 F, meaning less hot water is coming out of the tank and increases storage capacity.

    Pro tip: Updated requirements for water heater storage capacity went into effect under the 2015 NAECA water heater regulations. Learn about water heater efficiency standards to make sure your plumbing business complies with the new requirements.

  2. They help prevent scalding.
    Without a tank booster, you can still set a water heater to store water at 140 F. Water at this temperature, however, can quickly scald skin that comes in contact with it. In adults, water at 140 F can cause a third-degree burn in as little as five seconds. In children, this takes even less time. Installing a tank booster will help you protect the safety of your customers.

  3. They can make the water healthier.
    Legionella is a bacteria that can cause a respiratory illness known as Legionellosis, and a rare but more severe lung infection known as Legionnaires’ disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control, legionella colonies are associated with water that is stored in temperatures less than 122 F. Installing a tank booster will help prevent the growth of legionella since water can be stored at a safe 140 F.

  4. They are relatively simple to install.
    When compared to the effort it takes to replace a water heater in its entirety, installing a tank boost requires considerably less effort. This is a value add for professional plumbers since you’ll able to help increase your customer’s water heater efficiency in a shorter amount of time.

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Heather Mahr, a Ferguson author

Heather Mahr

As Ferguson’s in-house copywriter, Heather is dedicated to providing readers with valuable information. She is passionate about helping people find the answers they need to make their life easier with her words.