Locating Dashboard

  • If you’re logged in on your desktop, hover over My Ferguson and click Dashboard.
Where to locate the Dashboard on Ferguson.com.
  • You can also locate Dashboard by clicking on My Ferguson on the top left corner of your screen.
Locate Dashboard under My Ferguson.
  • From your mobile device, click the menu button and then select Dashboard.


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My Ferguson Navigation

Allows you to easily navigate to the tools you need to customize account settings and manage account information on your Ferguson account. Depending on your level of access, these will include:
  • My Lists
  • Orders
  • Message Center
  • My Settings, and
  • Company Settings
How to navigate on Dashboard on Ferguson.com.

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My Solutions

On your left hand side, you will also find My Solutions to access the following, depending on your level of access:
  • Quote Center
  • PRO Plus Rewards
  • Bill Pay Info
My Solutions on Ferguson.com Dashboard.

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My Orders

  • My Orders, for any orders pending or completed. My Orders will appear on the Dashboard for the last 48 hours. You can access all your orders by clicking on Orders on the left hand navigation or by clicking on View My Orders, if any orders have been created in the past.
Orders on Ferguson.com Dashboard.

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My Quotes

  • My Quotes, for any recent quotes you have created. My Quotes will appear on Dashboard only if there are quotes for you to view. Everyone in the company with purchasing permissions can see quotes across the company if he/she has access to those main accounts or job accounts.
  • Click on View My Quotes to go to the Quote Center and see a list of all your previous quote history.


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My Store

  • Gives you quick access to your store’s information such as address, phone number and hours of operation.
Your store information on Ferguson.com Dashboard.
  • To select a different branch, click on “Change Store.”
  • A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to search for your desired branch. Enter the city and state or zip code associated with the area of the store you are looking for and click Search.
  • The search result will provide you stores within 25 miles of that location you have searched.
  • Once you find the particular branch you are looking for, click on “Set As My Store.” The new store you have selected will remain on your Dashboard until you change store again.
How to change your store on Ferguson.com Dashboard.

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Quick Tools

  • Quick Tools is only available for users who have the ability to place orders. It is located on the right side of your Dashboard.

Quick Tools on your Ferguson.com Dashboard.
  • There are up to four features under Quick Tools, depending on your level of access:
Find an order with Quick Tools on Ferguson.com Dashboard.
  • Find an Order/Quote: Allows you to search and view quotes and orders entered online and at your local Ferguson store, if you have linked your online account with your local Ferguson account. Enter the transaction number or quote number and click Go. If you don’t know the number, use advance search to be directed to My Orders or Quote Center.
  • Quick Order: Allows you to enter item numbers and order quantities into the open field and adds them directly to the cart for fast checkout. Simply copy and paste Ferguson product SKUs from your spreadsheet into the box and click Add To Cart.
Start a quick order under Quick Tools on Ferguson.com Dashboard.
  • Re-order: Allows you to place restock orders for items that were previously entered on an existing order or quote. You must know the exact order or quote number to place an order from the Re-order feature.
Place a reorder on Quick Tools on the Ferguson.com Dashboard.
  • Start a Quote (available to users on business accounts only): Allows you to submit quotes for pricing directly to their Ferguson Salesperson.
Start a quote from Quick Tools on the Ferguson.com Dashboard.

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Spend Snapshot

  • Spend Snapshot shows you this month’s spend-to-date and last month’s total spendings. It is only available for users designated with Accounting, Admin and Combo permissions of business accounts.
View your Spend Snapshot on Ferguson.com Dashboard.
  • If multiple accounts are available, you will see a drop down menu for main accounts and job selection. To view another account’s total purchases, simply click on the arrow and select the job you are looking for.
Change your account on your Spend Snapshot.
  • By default, Spend Snapshot displays the current month’s total invoiced purchases (company-wide) on the selected job
View your Spend Snapshot for the month on Dashboard.
  • To view last month's total purchase (company-wide) on the selected job, simply click on Last Month text.
View your Spend Snapshot for the previous month on Dashboard.

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Upgraded from Ferguson Online?

Customers whose Ferguson Online account was upgraded to Ferguson.com will benefit from the new Dashboard feature. Your Dashboard puts you in control of all of your Ferguson.com account information. View your orders, see quote details, access your quick tools, personalize your account settings and more, all from one convenient location on your Dashboard. If you have questions about this new feature, we’re here to help. Call us at 800-721-2590 or email Customer.Support@Ferguson.com.

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