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Government & Municipalities

Plumbing and waterworks products for government contractors

When success is your only option, you need dedicated support from a supplier that understands the challenges you face on a daily basis. That’s why you can trust Ferguson to provide you with time-saving solutions to help make it easy for government employees to get the job done. We are an authorized supplier for Federal agencies, most State government agencies and local municipalities. Ferguson knows that government accounts do business differently than private sector companies, and we will tailor our services and solutions to meet those requirements.

Waterworks solutions and services

As the leading wholesale supplier of plumbing supplies, pipe, valves and fittings in North America, government employees at every level depend on Ferguson Waterworks for our overall stability as a company. You can trust us to be there through every aspect of your next waterworks project. Whether you are overseeing the development of a new water treatment plant or updating the metering infrastructure in your municipality, our Waterworks associates will provide you with the specialized services you need to ensure the timely completion of your project. Depending on your location, government agencies can benefit from:

Ferguson Waterworks Solutions and Services

Facilities maintenance solutions and services

Find the facilities maintenance products and solutions you need all in one place from Ferguson Facilities Supply. Our knowledgeable Facilities Supply associates will work with you to find the best possible combination of solutions to improve the facility maintenance operations of your government-run facility. We will help you save time and money with The Ferguson Difference, our range of specialized services that go beyond what is offered by traditional facilities maintenance suppliers. Discover how government agencies can benefit from:

Ferguson's Facilities Supply Solutions and Services .

Inventory and procurement solutions

Streamline your inventory management and procurement process with help from Ferguson. Our associates specialize in working with government agencies to find the right combination of technologies from our range of inventory management solutions. We'll help you save the time you spend on preparing orders with:

We also offer multiple options for digital order placement, including:
  • Ferguson.com, your free online account management tool that lets you check stock, organize multiple projects and place orders with the added benefit of paying as you go. Register for a Ferguson.com account to get exclusive tools and features.
  • Electronic procurement solutions that can seamlessly integrated with your existing electronic procurement software to help you save time and money.
Ferguson's Inventory Management Solutions